Çfarë bëjmë ne?

Who do we serve?

What we do?

We serve as a full-service NGO advocacy, training, resource and information center.

We work to strengthen the autonomy, effectiveness, sustainability and impact of the NGO sector.

Our programs are designed to meet the current and evolving needs of our NGO clients.

We provide basic and advanced training and consultancy in key areas of NGO organizational development, management, advocacy and fund raising;

We provide electronic information resources via our updated website, marketing and communication, public dialogues and roundtables, coalition building, and facilitation of cross-sectoral partnerships and cooperation.

We facilitate dialogue between Kosovar NGOs and international and Kosovar governmental structures.

We offer training space and services for Kosovar and international NGOs based in Kosovo.

We provide training for municipality officials, as well, in areas of organizational development, management, strategic planning, communication and media relations, etc.

ATRC serves the community of Kosovar NGOs that are engaged in efforts to bring positive change in their community. Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC), works closely with the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), which is partnering with ATRC to strengthen local capacity and support the development of Kosovo’s civil society through long-term mentoring, training, grant-giving, and technical assistance.

ATRC has developed working relations with a large number of Kosovar NGOs, international agencies, local unions, as well as with a number of key Kosovar decision-makers, including members of the central governing bodies.