Capacity Building



In order to empower citizen and civil society participation in decision-making, our Capacity Building program provides tools and supports them to assess and address needs in their communities. This program aims to improve the internal governance of organizations through technical assistance that is tailor-made to the needs of the organization or non-formal group. We also provide small grants to local civil society organizations (CSOs) within the different Advocacy and Resilient & Inclusive Communities projects. This financial support gives small CSOs a boost to become more active on a topic they find relevant to their communities. 

ATRC provides both technical support services and small grants: 

Workshops & Mentoring

ATRC provides technical support services through workshops or trainings, mentoring and on-the-job support, as well as lead full change management processes.


Grant Support

ATRC has provided 152 grants to local CSOs on topics within our advocacy and resilient & inclusive communities program.


Strategic Planning

We help CSOs reflect on and consolidate their organization’s vision, mission, and core values. Through an inclusive process we support CSO leadership develop a theory of change and approach, define their organization’s added value, set strategic priorities and develop an actionable strategic plan. ATRC also supports with strategy evaluations.  

Project Cycle Management

 ATRC supports CSOs at all levels of experience to improve their project cycle management. Depending on the CSOs needs, we cover topics including but not limited to problem analysis/ needs assessment; proposal writing setting goals and objectives, developing a theory of change, deciding on impactful activities, gender mainstreaming; project implementation; reporting; and monitoring & evaluation. 

Monitoring & Evaluation

Many CSOs struggle with monitoring and evaluation. ATRC provides support at all stages of the monitoring process from project inception to evaluation. 

Finance & Administration

ATRC supports CSOs at all level of experience to improve their financial and administrative management. Depending on the CSOs needs, this can include fulfilling legal requirements of a CSOs; tools and practice on financial management, budgeting, and reporting; setting up administrative systems; improving human resource management. 

External Relations

Conveying impact to potential partners and donors is key to CSO’s external relations. ATRC can support with defining target audience and key messages, setting SMART communication goals, develop an outreach plan and branding as well as develop publications. 


Diversifying funding is a key challenge for CSOs. ATRC provides support with developing a fundraising plan and identify different sources of funding, foster donor relations, and build networks.