The Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC) contributes to initiating effective dialogue and strengthening cooperation of the Justice Service providers with the community.

ATRC through its activities improves citizens’ understanding, knowledge, trust and information about justice services and institutions. And finally, it promotes justice institutions’ services, strengthens citizens’ trust and the delivery of quality justice services. This program is funded by USAID and will be implemented by 2025.  

The program has five 5 key beneficiary groups:

1. Youth aged 18+
2. Women
3. Community from rural areas
4. Village councils
5. Non majority communities

The program has 4 key objectives:

1. Organize nationwide community gatherings to inform citizens about justice institutions and available justice services.
2. Conduct national awareness-raising campaigns to increase the information on justice services.
3. Facilitate public thematic dialogue between justice institutions, service providers and community.



Awareness raising to increase information on justice services


Increase access to justice institutions at the municipality level


General population, with emphasis on marginalized communities


Inclusion of every each of citizen in justice activities and improve delivery of quality justice services

//KEY ACHIEVEMENTS August 2023 - September 2023
citizens educated and informed directly about available justice services.
0 +
court cases are digitized at the Basic Court of Prizren.
0 +
citizens informed through Awareness Raising Campaigns on promoting Free Legal Aid Agency’s services.
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// ATRC's Added Value
// Key Activities

During the period of August 2023 and 2024, ATRC will work in different activities, and through those activities will expect impactful outcomes. The ATRC team will jointly work with JAK team, in order to effectively reach the overall goal of Justice Activity project in Kosovo.  

// Judiciary Days

USAID Justice Activity implemented by ATRC as sub-contractor encourages active participation, provides practical experiences and bridge the gap between community and justice service providers, specifically courts, Free Legal Aid, police, Ombudsperson, mediators etc. Justice activity will implement community meetings and informative initiatives to foster effective engagement, facilitate dialogue and collaboration between justice institutions, service providers and the community. These activities will be focused on municipalities where the most vulnerable communities are concentrated, and will be focused on informing marginalized communities, youth, low-income families, women, and village councils  
During those kinds of meetings, representatives from justice institutions and service providers will share relevant information, updates and initiatives, while also actively seeking input and feedback from the public.  

// Community Justice Center

Community Justice Centers and basically local CSO’ through the support of USAID Justice Activity, represent the first stop of every citizen, where they can get general information about justice institutions and services, and also available free legal services, assistance in filling out forms and basic legal documents, and referral to appropriate justice providers. Those centers will be established in four different locations in Kosova, like Prizren, Fushë Kosova, Mitrovica and Ferizaj.

// Justice HotSpots

Through Justice Hot Spots, we address systematic challenges within the justice system by engaging interns as court interlocutors, in three courts in Kosova, such as Mitrovica, Ferizaj and Prishtina. By fostering greater access to justice and promoting fairness, the program will contribute to the overall goal of procedural justice initiative. The interns of the activity work closely with court personnel to bridge the gap between court processes and individuals who face difficulties in navigating the justice system.  


Justice HotSpot

// Youth for Justice Boot – Camp

This activity aims that through its dynamic and immersive design for young individuals who are passionate about making positive changes in their communities. Bootcamp will equip youth with the necessary skills and knowledge to initiate activities independently and address issues, concerns, and challenges of their community. Therefore, ensuring their active participation in justice reform processes, representing citizen needs at the local and national levels.