PROtectCHILD is a Project funded by SIDA and implemented by Advocacy Training and Resource Centre in partnership with Save the Children in Kosova/o. During the next four years, through PROtectCHILD project, ATRC plans to work on different objectives, all aiming at producing a number of concreate results and outcomes as a benefit for children, public institutions and ordinary citizen.

The practice of the Law approval in Kosovo without conducting any public education and awareness raising campaigns as well as decision making parties for respecting and implementing the Law resulted in producing qualitative Laws in paper but not efficient in implementation. Due to this, ATRC, through this project aims to increase awareness of wider population for the Law on Child protection with special emphasis on the banning of corporal punishment.

One of the frequent remarks given by international and local organizations dealing with local governance is the inability to follow the dynamics of law adoption by Municipal Assemblies in relation to that of the Assembly of Kosovo. There are a number of laws that are approved and which have not been passed by any sub-legal act from the government but also from the municipal level. For this reason, through the project, ATRC aims to adopt Local Legislation in compliance with the Law on Child Protection, through creation and approving Municipal Regulation for Child Protection.

The parliamentary commissions/committees, besides the duties in the review and processing of the draft laws in the Assembly, have also important duties to monitor the implementation of the laws that the commission covers. Up to date, there is no case where the Commission/Committee has applied any practice of monitoring the implementation of the law/regulations. For this reason, ATRC aims to assist the Assembly of Kosovo and the Municipal Assemblies to establish practices and procedures for monitoring the Law implementation at national and local level, specifically for monitoring the above-mentioned Law and municipal regulation.