Protecting and Promoting Labour Rights of Vulnerable Groups in the Labour Market

The Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC) and its partner Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) implement the project to protect labor rights of vulnerable groups in Kosovo, including workers in need of protection, women, youth, non-majority ethnic communities, and people with disabilities; develop capacities of duty-bearers, including judges, prosecutors, police, journalists, and CSOs; and promote labor rights in Kosovo by working jointly with key institutions, including Justice Institutions (the Courts, State Prosecutor, Police, and Ombudsperson), Labour Inspectorate and Tax Administration. This program is funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo and will be implemented by the 31st of December 2023.  

The program has five 7 key beneficiary groups:

1. Employees in the public and private sector;
2. Employers from the public and private sector;
3. Justice Institutions (the Courts, State Prosecutor, Police);
4. Local Civil Society organizations;
5. Journalists;
6. Human rights activists;
7. Potential future employees.

The program has 3 key objectives:

1. To strengthen compliance with labor laws through direct monitoring and reporting of labor rights abuse cases;
2. To strengthen the capacities of duty bearers and CSOs to work on labor rights;
3. To raise public awareness on labor law.

The overall objective of this project is to improve the working conditions for vulnerable categories of employees, notably within the private sector, including workplace health and safety for women and men, through the promotion of social dialogue between workers and duty bearers.



Improving and enforcing national labor laws and regulations to better protect the rights of marginalized workers. Enhancing the knowledge of duty-bearers at the central level on enforcement of labor law and treating violations rights cases.


Strengthening the awareness of duty-bearers through promotion of diversity in the local workforce, creating a more culturally rich and dynamic environment.


Raising awareness of the community on labor rights for work conditions and rights in the workplace.


Improving knowledge of employees on reporting labor rights violations cases.

//KEY ACHIEVEMENTS January 2023 - October 2023
citizens reported labor rights abuses.
joint inspections and 25 TV reportages were carried out by TAK, the Labor Inspectorate and BIRN Kosovo regarding the labor rights abuses
duty bearers including police investigators, judges, prosecutors and labor inspectors trained on handling labor rights cases and public communication.
people reached through TV, online and social media channels through the broadcasting of TV reportages, TV debates, PSAs, and the publication of articles of journalists who were awarded with scholarships.
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legal concrete legal recommendations provided to the relevant institutions on necessary changes to legislation concerning labor rights
Information sessions on labor law in Kosovo municipalities with high schools’ students in 13 municipalities of Kosova
representatives from NGOs have improved knowledge on labor law rights and responsibilities, legal mechanisms for reporting worker rights violations, inclusion and empowerment of marginalized groups in the labor market, occupational safety and health, and reporting and advocacy for worker rights.
CSOs promoted labor rights through the sub-granting scheme
// ATRC's Added Value
// Key Activities
  1. Development of a special section of the platform to report “Violations of Labour Rights”; 
  2. Organizing joint inspections with the Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) and the Labour Inspectorate; 
  3. Monitoring citizens’ reports of labor rights violations in relevant institutions: 
  4. Organizes a three-day workshop on labor rights in Kosovo; 
  5. Training for 20 duty bearers to strengthen their capacities on working with labor rights violation cases; 
  6. Provide workshops for journalists on reporting on labor rights and violations; 
  7. Interviewing 50 businesses, 20 employees (people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, women, youth) and analyze the level of implementation of the law; 
  8. Carrying out a social media campaign; 
  9. Establishing a Consortium of CSOs to advocate for changes in the Labor law; 
  10. Organizing information sessions on labor law in Kosovo municipalities; 
  11. Provide up to 20 awards from the sub-granting scheme, amounting between EUR 5,000 and EUR 10,000 for unions, CSOs, lawyer groups and other registered groups (entities) to promote labor rights, report violations, conduct research, and engage in social dialogue with public authorities. 

The main Implementer of this project: Advocacy Training and Resource Center – ATRC and the Partner: BIRN Kosovo

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