The Justice and the People Campaign promotes education on the justice system and advocates directly for reforms at the national level.

Within this project Advocacy Training & Resource Center (ATRC) it is an implementing partner for the first pillar of the project which is: National Public Education and Advocacy Campaign.

Activities include public education workshops in dozens of municipalities across Kosovo, advocacy trainings to teach citizens how to advocate for reform in Kosovo, expert round tables to help identify needed justice-system reforms, and direct advocacy for public policy reforms on a wide range of issues such as:

  • Improving the disciplinary complaint mechanisms used by justice system institutions such as the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo, the Kosovo Judicial Council, the Kosovo Prosecutorial Counsel, and the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates.
  • Disclosing publicly the names of judges and prosecutors who have been found guilty of misconduct.
  • Adopting an official Kosovo Police brochure that informs domestic violence victims of their legal rights and the public resources available to them.

Appointing judges and prosecutors to act as domestic violence specialists.