Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC) signed the partnership agreement with the Community Building Mitrovica, for the implementation of two years project: “Resilient and Inclusive Community Program”, which will be led

Advocacy Training and Resource Center - ATRC, signed Cooperation Agreements with Internews Kosova - IKS and Democracy for Development (D4D), for the implementation of the three-year project: "Combating Discrimination, Hate

20 korisnika potpisale su grantove za promovisanje radnih prava, prijavu kršenja i angažovanje u socijalni dijalog sa javnim vlastima na Kosovu.20 projekata tokom narednih meseca biće uključeni u poboljšanju uslova


The Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC) is based on the belief that an informed citizenry is the key to a democratic society, such as Kosovo is striving to become. Based in Prishtina, ATRC trains and assists non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Kosovo to professionalize their work, articulate their demands and press government structures for change.

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Countering Discrimination, Hate Speech and Gender Based Violence

Resilient and Inclusive Community Program

Protecting and Promoting Labour Rights of Vulnerable Groups In the Labour Market

USAID Justice Activity in Kosovo

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