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USAID Justice Activity in Kosovo


USAID Justice Activity in Kosovo is a five-year program that aims to strengthen Kosovo’s justice system by applying a people-centered justice approach to improve institutional capacity to provide people access to quality services and multiple means to solve their justice needs and everyday legal problems, and to generate greater public trust in the justice system and the rule of law. Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC) as a subcontractor aims to contribute to quality and accessibility of justice services, citizen understanding, engagement and trust of the justice system and effective innovations in the justice sector.

ATRC will engage communities and practitioners in defining problems and proposing improvements to the delivery of legal services and information to disparate justice seekers where they live and on the issues they often confront. Working through responsible Kosovo institutions, Justice Activity facilitates practitioner forums, including the community of practice for public information officers, to institutionalize critical and practical resources to engage with court users in soliciting their feedback and outreach and information sharing on justice services provision.

Activities include:

  • 21 community gatherings throughout Kosovo’s seven regions to increase the community’s access to legal information, with a pronounced emphasis on marginalized communities.
  • National awareness-raising campaigns which aim to increase information on legal aid services, particularly services provided by the Free Legal Aid Agency, information on legal mechanisms for accessing justice to realize legal rights.
  • Citizens Court Monitoring which aims to mobilize and increase the participation of youth in monitoring the justice system and taking part in justice reform and improvement.
  • Facilitating public thematic dialogue between justice institutions, service providers and communities, including women, non-majority communities, persons with disabilities, youth and others, to inform, sensitize, motivate and mobilize such groups to understand and utilize legal mechanisms to access the justice system.

Expected results include the improvement of quality and accessibility of justice services, citizen understanding and engagement, trust of the justice system and development of effective innovations in the Justice Sector.