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Combat Hate in Kosova


ATRC supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kosovo within the program MATRA, implements the project “Combat Hate in Kosovo” in partnership with a local non-governmental organization RADC.
“Combat Hate in Kosova” project aims to identify the use of hate speech on religious, ethnic, gender, racial and other grounds in public and to combat this phenomenon which incites acts or crimes of hatred.
Within the project “Combat Hate in Kosova” ATRC closely cooperates with justice institutions and civil society organizations to effectively implement the overall goal of the project.

Goals of the Project
– Mapping and discussion of Hate manifestation in all of its forms in public domain.
– Developing CSO capacities to monitor and advocate against hate through offering trainings on modules of: Human Rights Based Approach, Advocacy and Monitoring Hate and Institutions.
– Monitoring systemic/institutional response to Hate through trained CSOs representatives
– Trigger more effective institutional response towards cases of hate through co-organizing trainings with Justice Academy for judges and prosecutors in Kosova.
– To combat hate by informing the public and raising public awareness on incitement of hate and hate crimes that occur in Kosovo.

Research on a hate speech in Kosovo Media 2019-2020