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Accessing export markets for handicraft products


ATRC in partnership with Association of Business Consultants “Creation” Skopje, in March 2018-March 2010 started implementation of the two years joint Cross Border project: “Building competitiveness through cooperation and innovation: Accessing export markets for handicraft products”, supported from EU commission through: Cross-Border Cooperation Program Kosovo*- Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia under IPA II 2014 and 2015 allocations. The overall objective is to contribute to economic development and social inclusion in the cross-border areas of the East region in Kosovo, as well as Northeast and Skopje regions in Macedonia through income generation of start-ups and micro-enterprises. This will be achieved through the specific objective of enhancing competitiveness by stimulating coo-petition and innovative practices of export oriented handicrafts start-ups and micro-enterprises in the cross-border areas. In particular, cross-border clustering of handicraft artisans and micro-enterprises will be supported in order to develop cooperative presence on developed export markets.