Guidance for Administration

The ensuing policies and procedures are crafted to provide clear guidance for the administration of the purchasing function at ATRC. By adhering to these guidelines, our aim is to ensure a seamless procurement process that aligns with organizational objectives and values.

Objectives of the Policy

Our policy sets the groundwork for supplying goods and services by implementing rules for evaluation, budget adherence, and quality assurance. We prioritize ensuring that purchases align with specified quantities and prices, promoting accountability and responsible procurement practices.

Distribution and Revision

This policy is applicable to all ATRC employees and authorized individuals involved in purchases funded by ATRC. We are committed to regularly revising and supplementing procurement policies to meet evolving needs, with any amendments subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Legal Framework

All ATRC procurements strictly adhere to Kosovo’s applicable legislation concerning import taxes, VAT, income tax, and other relevant taxes. Our commitment to legal compliance underscores our dedication to transparent and responsible procurement practices.

Objective of Procurement

ATRC’s principal objective is to uphold an open and fair competition policy for all bidders, fostering a culture of honesty, fairness, integrity, and transparency among our employees involved in procurement.

Fair Competition

We treat all bidders equitably, ensuring the provision of information, maintaining transparency throughout procurement transactions, and awarding contracts based on responsiveness, advantage, and adherence to specifications.

Conflict of Interest

Bidders are obligated to disclose any potential conflicts with ATRC, its Board of Directors, or employees. Failure to disclose may result in disqualification or contract termination, reflecting our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Fraud and Corruption

ATRC enforces a zero-tolerance policy on fraud, corruption, and unethical practices. Bidders are urged to refrain from offering gifts or hospitality to ATRC personnel, and any attempt to engage in proscribed practices will lead to rejection and potential penalties.

Clarification of Bid

Bidders may seek clarifications in writing before the submission date, with ATRC committed to providing timely responses. Delays will not automatically extend bid submission deadlines unless deemed necessary by ATRC.


Prohibited activities include personal purchases for Board members or employees, the division of purchases to circumvent policies, and engaging in procurement without proper authority. These prohibitions underscore our commitment to integrity and accountability in all transactions.

ATRC reserves the right to unilaterally cancel, modify, or make changes to any aspect of its procurement activities without requiring approval from external parties.


Tenderers who consider themselves to be treated unfairly can file a complaint at the ATRC.

For any reason of filing a complaint, they must be submitted within 3 (three) days from the day the parties were notified, respectively when the official notification regarding the procedure has been made. Complaints about tenders must be submitted to ATRC Management, who will decide on eventual complaints, no later than 5 days from the day the complaint was filed.