Mentoring & on-the-job support

If you need specific support with a task or process, or want additional support after a workshop, ATRC also offers mentoring and on-the-job support. Our experts can provide you with support in your office to successfully complete assignments or processes. 


So far, our team has assisted in the below tasks and processes. Should you require a different type of support, ATRC will find a suitable trainer for your needs. 

Operational capacity assessment & building plan

In depth assessment of the organizations capacities relating to 1) governance & human resources, 2) project cycle management, 3) resource mobilization & sustainability, 4) external relations and outreach, 5) administration and procurement, and 6) financial management and development of a tailored plan to improve the organization’s capacities. 

Assistance in the writing of a proposal

Support in writing a project proposal from start to finish. Depending on the topic of the call for proposals one person will support in the writing of the narrative, and a finance person will support in developing the budget. 

Setting up/ revamping website

Support in (re-)writing the website content, improve structure and design. 

Writing of a publication

Support in writing a publication from brainstorming the initial idea, perform research as required, write up the publication and publication.