Change Managments

Change management & organizational capacity building

 Our team is experienced in leading the change management of local CSOs. If you are looking to boost your organization’s growth, our team of experts will support you through a process of assessment, planning and execution or a change plan through workshops, mentoring, and on-the-job support. Our team will lead a process that will support your CSO to transform, grow and reach its full potential. 

The process always starts with an assessment of your organization’s current capacities and defining your vision and mission for the future. In order to reach these goals strategic change might be needed. Our team has the necessary expertise to guide your team through the appropriate questions, decisions and support the execution of your capacity building plan.  

Based on your needs, our support can take shape of: 

  • Assessing your organization’s capacities and identify potential for growth, and determine the necessary steps to reach that 
  • Guide your organization through change of HR, Admin and Finance processes 
  • Support setting up of program management and project cycle management 


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