February 15, 2016 – ATRC has signed agreements with eight (8) local non-governmental organizations,
awardees of the 2nd Round of Grants for Engagement for Equity Program (E4E),
implemented by Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC) and supported by United States
Agency for International development (USAID).

Awardees for this Round are:

Woman’s Right

  • Project Title :Enhancing participation of women in North Mitrovica ion
  • Location: North Mitrovica
  • Project Location :Zubin Potok, Zvecan, Leposavic, north Mitrovica
  • Project Duration : 12 months
  • Theme: Women in Governance and Economy
  • Project Goal: Increase women’s participation in Northern Kosovo, including Zubin Potok, Zvecan, Leposavic, and north Mitrovica


  • Project Title: Increasing community awareness on women’s property rights by using Art as a tool
  • Location : Pristina
  • Project Location: Twenty (20) municipalities in Kosovo
  • Project Duration :12 months
  • Theme:Empowering women through enhanced awareness of women’s property rights
  • Project Goal: Raise awareness through public education for both men and women about the benefits of formalized property rights and encouraging the change of existing attitudes towards women’s property rights

Handikos Mitrovica

  • Project Title:Little from self: much for PwD
  • Location :Mitrovica
  • Project Location : Mitrovica, Vushtri, Skenderaj
  • Project Duration : 12 Months
  • Theme : Expand participation of persons with disabilities (PwD)
  • Project Goal: Advocate and promote business activities and enterprises for work/study training programs for unemployed PwDs and monitoring of the implementation of the law no: 03/L-019 on Vocational ability, rehabilitation and employment of Pwd, professional training and retraining and employment

Centre for Equality and Liberty for the LGBT community in Kosova – CEL

  • Project Title: Inclusion of the LGBT community in Kosovo Organization
  • Location : Pristina
  • Project Location : Kosovo Wide
  • Project Duration : 20 months
  • Theme : Increased protection and awareness of LGBT community rights
  • Project Goal: To improve position of the LGBT community in Kosovo and increase level of understanding among the general population.

Syri i Vizionit

  • Project Title: Women’s Support Project
  • Location : Peja
  • Project Location : Peja, Decan, Junik, Istog
  • Project Duration: 15 months
  • Theme: Women in Governance and Economy
  • Project Goal: Improvement of governance, parliamentarism and entrepreneurship at local and national level, advancing and building capacities and empowering women in public, private and non-governmental sectors, and improvement of their positions in institutions and businesses.

Support Centre for People with Mental Disabilities – Center for Independent Life

  • Project Title: Youth with mental disabilities together for a better life
  • Location: Peja
  • Project Location : Peja, Istog, Decan
  • Project Duration :12 months
  • Theme : Expand participation of persons with disabilities (PwD)
  • Project Goal: Promote social integration, participation and development of personal autonomy of children and young people with mental disabilities

Initiative for Progress – INPO

  • Project Title:Inclusion of youth in vocational education development
  • Location : Ferizaj
  • Project Location : Pristina, Mitrovica, Peja, Gjakova, Prizren, Gjilan, Ferizaj
  • Project Duration:12 months
  • Theme: Expand youth participation
  • Project Goal: Develop youth through enhancement of local policies on professional education

Emancipimi civil ma ndryshe – EC ma ndryshe

  • Project Title: Prizren, a barrier – free city
  • Location : Prizren
  • Project Location : Prizren region
  • Project Duration: 12 months
  • Theme: Expand participation of persons with disabilities (PwD)
  • Project Goal: Increase the participation of persons with disabilities and young people in designing a barrier – free Prizren.

Center for Social Groups Development – CSGD

  • Project Title: Supporting rights for LGBTI community in Kosovo through engagement of Kosovo Institutions
  • Location : Pristina
  • Project Location : Pristina
  • Project Duration: 18 months
  • Theme:increased protection and awareness of LGBT community rights
  • Project Goal: Support the implementation of anti-discrimination policies related to LGBT community in Kosovo in all levels of society and especially in workplace.

We congratulate all the awardees and encourage others to continue applying on E4E grants!