Frequently asked questions

1. Who is eligible to apply for E4E Program?

Only non-governmental organizations registered in Kosovo are eligible for applying.

2. Can we apply with more than one project proposal?

Yes. Any non-governmental organization may apply with more than one proposal, but E4E Program does not fund more than one proposal from the same organization

3. My project proposal is related to two E4E Program themes/objectives. Can I tick more than one topic in Annex A?

No. Your project proposal should focus only on one of the five E4E Program themes. For example, if you apply for the theme 2) Empowering Women through Enhanced Awareness of Women’s Property Rights, you need to pick and write down the name of the theme in Annex A. If your proposal somehow relates to other themes as well, you may refer to this logic in Annex A, Problem Analysis section, but remember that the focus should only be on the theme you choose, and this should be clearly stated in the first part of the Annex A.

4. Is the idea we want to apply with eligible?

E4E Program has prepared a Request for Application where you may find information about the application and the activities/ideas that are supported, but not limited by the Program. We encourage you to carefully read this link:

Ideas and proposals of your activities shall be assessed by the External Committee only after you apply. Any preliminary support or lack of support of ideas from E4E Program would undermine the fair and transparent grant assessment process by the External Committee and the competitive and fair process would tainted with bias.

5. What is In Kind Contribution?

In kind contribution means 15% of the amount of application that the organization must prove under budget Annex A and Annex B. In kind contribution may, but not necessarily be a monetary contribution, and it may also be a contribution in other ways such as laptops, desks, office leases, volunteer work by staff, etc.

6. How to acquire the Duns number?

The Duns number is a requirement under Annex A of the application. The Duns number is not a mandatory application requirement, but if your organization is considered for funding, you must have this number, in contrary the grant may be denied. If you do not have the Duns number, we recommend you to acquire it through this link:

7. In what language should I write the project proposal?

The proposal can be written in one of the three languages, Albanian, Serbian and English. The Committee equally accepts applications of all three languages.

8. My project proposal exceeds 15 pages. Is it acceptable?

The project proposal should not exceed 15 pages.

9. If the proposal has one or more partner organizations, should tax certificates be submitted by the other partner organizations as well?

No. The tax certificate should only be submitted by the lead organization. The partner organization is not obliged to submit a tax certificate.

10. Should I submit the proposal electronically or in hard copy?

The proposal must be submitted in two forms, electronically by e-mail [email protected] and in hard copy at the ATRC offices at Gazmend Zajmi no. 20 Prishtina.

11. Can non-governmental organizations apply in partnership with businesses registered in Kosovo?

Non-governmental organizations can apply in partnership with businesses registered in Kosovo, but partner businesses cannot be implicated in the foreseen budget.

12. Can I use the PDF format for my application?

No. The application should be submitted only in Word format for Annex A, and Excel format for Annex B.

13. In what currency should the budget be planned and submitted?

The budget is planned and submitted in US dollars.

14. Should I fill out all the fields/questions in Annex A?

Yes. Proposals must fill out all the fields/questions in Annex A and Annex B. Failure to answer questions may result in the technical disqualification of the proposal.

15. Should the responsible person sign the proposal at the end of Annex A?

The proposal should be signed by the responsible person only on the hard copy format. The electronic copy signature is not obligatory.

16. Our tax certificate is from last year. Can we use the same one when we apply for E4E grants?

The tax certificate from the Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) proving that the organization is registered in TAK and does not carry any debts or obligations to TAK, has a time limit of only three months. Tax certifications older than three months are not considered and this shall result in the technical disqualification of the proposal.

17. What does question 2 in Annex A mean? Synergies with other USAID/Kosovo activities?

This question is about linking your proposal to other USAID-supported programs that are being implemented in Kosovo. For example, if you apply for topic 2) Empowering Women through Enhanced Awareness of Women’s Property Rights, other USAID programs such as: Property Rights Program (PRP) or Justice Matters – which deal with the same issues – you need to clarify how your activities are related to the proposal and where lies the compatibility with the activities of the mentioned programs or similar. This question requires a little research by you about other USAID programs that may be compatible with the nature of your proposal. The aim is for the proposals to come up with creative ideas and coordinate some of the activities with other USAID programs.