Announcement- Call for Application

Guidelines for applicants

Financial support to third parties for monitoring, and evidence-based advocacy under the ENV.Net Project


Deadline for submission for the applications is November 18, 2018 

ENV.Net Project Objective

On an overall objective level, the project proposal aims to contribute to the improvement of environmental policy-making and implementation in compliance with the EU standards. To this end, the network foresees to contribute to both improved and intensified inter-action among actors (including environmental CSOs, media and policy-makers) and an overall more enabling technical and financial environment where these actors operate.

On a specific objective level, the action sets out to strengthen the profile of as the leading network and bridging actor in environmental policy-influencing in the WB and Turkey region (vis-à-vis EU). Further, it foresees introducing and initiating a discussion on the Circular Economy concept in the region, as well as intensifying climate change actions. The action also foresees a number of value-adding, cross-cutting elements such as inter-partner learning/exchange, networking, and thematic organisational support to third parties (i.e. local grass-root organisations, media). Expected Project Results

Result 1 – becomes a leading pan-regional network in the WB and Turkey in orienting and influencing environmental and circular economy policy discussions at an EU level.

Result 2 – CSOs and mainstream/online media are supported by the in the process of improving their skills and work related to environmental issues.

  1. Objectives and priorities of the present call for proposals

The main aim of the financial support is:

  • To contribute to the development of knowledge and critical understanding circular economy model opportunities
  • The promotion and engagement of small CSOs active in campaigning and advocacy on environment to promote effective actions for the benefit of citizens of Kosovo.
  1. Activities that may be financed under this call

Only the following types of activity are eligible for funding:

A.1 Monitoring of key selected topics/pieces of national environmental legislation with regard to approximation to EU acquis, such as: air quality, waste management, water quality, energy efficiency.

A.2 Map and document of circular economy practices, stakeholders, initiatives and developments.

A.3 Promote public engagement for the adoption of circular economy models by the local community and governments/local authorities through outreach and advocacy activities including: organisation of online and offline advocacy campaigns, preparation of policy-briefs, preparation of media materials for viral dissemination.

A.4 Conceptualise and organise both online and on-site advocacy campaigns with CSOs and local/national authorities on key selected topics, including water quality, circular economy and climate change.

  1. 5 Conceptualise and organise outdoor events on important national/international environmental dates based on the calendar of green dates.

A.6 Prepare position papers (including common position papers with the ENV.Net project), studies, thematic articles, and active contribution to country progress reports.

  1. 7 Prepare short visual and graphic materials in the form of clips, infographics, etc., on various environmental, climate change, energy and circular economy aspects.
  2. 8 Contribute and participate to national and/or regional scale project events/activities on aspects pertinent to environment, climate change, energy and circular economy.

A.9 Conduct thematic lectures in local schools/universities on various aspects of environmental concern, climate change, energy and circular economy.

A.10 Conduct local/national environmental CSO needs assessment survey and provide recommendations.